11 hours down, 7 to go

11 hours down, 7 to go

6pm update

With four hours to go until the polls close, readers will be looking forward to following the results as they come in. The Press Association expects the first result to come in from Tamworth around 11.30pm, with the last of the night’s results from Richmond at 6am. Some councils count on Friday morning. The full list may help plan your evening, though we are not sure how these figures have been estimated. If my own borough of Southwark does declare at 4am, I will have a long night!

You can see the results and hear political worthies discuss them on BBC1 (from 11.40pm), Radio 5 Live (from 10pm) and Sky News (from 10.30pm).

We wish you an enjoyable evening. Please keep your comments and local knowledge coming!

Philip Grant

The author is a Liberal Democrat activist in London. Mike Smithson returns at the weekend.

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