Best of luck for tomorrow

Best of luck for tomorrow

    Book Value to take over PB.C for a couple of days

I’m going to be away at a conference on the banks of Loch Lomond for a couple of days and Philip Grant (Book Value) will be standing in as guest editor of PB.C. Thanks for giving me a break Philip.

    Whatever your allegiance whatever your party can I wish all the PB.C regulars who are candidates tomorrow the very best of luck and that you get the outcome you want.

For those who only agreed to stand on the basis that they are “paper candidates” let’s hope that there are no upsets. This group includes my wife, Jacky!

For those who have been pounding the streets over the weeks and months to hold or to win seats I hope that your efforts have not been in vain. If you are elected for the first time I hope that you find life as a councillor rewarding.

And for those activists who have been supporting these campaigns you can at least look forward to a weekend of relaxation, whatever the result.

Most members of the public have no idea of the level of effort that goes into local campaigns – certainly much more than at a General Election. For whereas General Election are largely determined by national factors the experience is that it is hard work at the local level that makes the difference in council elections.

I’ll be back posting on Saturday.

Mike Smithson

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