Huhne set to win – YouGov

Huhne set to win – YouGov

    Second YouGov poll on Lib Dem members now released

I have just received this from Peter Kellner – boss of YouGov.

The attached data has just been released, from our latest poll of Lib Dem members. Huhne: 38%: Campbell 34%: Hughes 27%

The run-off figures, eliminating Hughes are:Huhne 52%: Campbell 48%.

According to the accompanying spreadsheet the survey took place from February 7-9 and the client was John Stevens. The number of members in the sample was 401.

This is not the survey over which there has been much speculation on the site in the past few days.

The person who commissioned the poll, John Stevens, works in the city and was an MEP, sitting for the Tories in Brussels from 1989-1999.

Mike Smithson

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