Apology to ICM

Apology to ICM

In the article on the Guardian ICM poll on Tuesday I made certain comments in relation to getting data from the pollster ICM about a poll in the News of the World earlier in the month. I said that I had requested the full data-set which had not been forthcoming. It now transpires that the email address I used to contact Nick Sparrow of the firm was incorrect and did not get delivered.

I also made the statement “ICM is by far the worst of the pollsters when it comes to transparency and its main client, the Guardian, ought to put pressure on. Maybe this is something that the paper’s Jackie Ashley ought to take up?” I withdraw unreservedly this and all the other critical comments about the pollster that appeared. I fully accept that my observation about ICM being the “worst of the pollsters” was wrong and went far beyond normal comment.

The article has now been amended and all the critical comments have been deleted.

My full apologies to the firm and its head, Nick Sparrow.

Mike Smithson

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