How do YOU rate the Tory contenders?

How do YOU rate the Tory contenders?


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With the Tory leadership election about to start in earnest at the Party Conference in Blackpool how do PB.C’s users rate the top four candidates in the betting on four key attributes? It is important that you give your ratings on how you think Tory members will assess Cameron/Clarke/Davis/Fox in each area – irrespective of your own political allegiances.

    The aim is to determine the collective judgement of the PB.C community.

Please use the comments box below to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 in each case how you assess Cameron/Clarke/Davis/Fox in four separate areas. For comments on the survey please use the previous thread and leave this solely for your responses.

1. Personal CV. How do you think the personal background and career of Cameron/Clarke/Davis/Fox will be rated by the Tory membership? It is here that you give your view of the importance of, say, Ken Clarke’s tobacco links, David Cameron’s schooling or David Davis’s upbringing in a council estate in South London. Take account also of their full career profile as you perceive it and give a rating of 1 to 10.

2. Policy Portfolio. How do you think each of the candidates’ policy portfolios will go down with the membership? In this section give ratings for the full range of issues such Liam Fox’s support for bringing the abortion limit down to 12 weeks, David Davis’s support for Tony Blair on Iraq and Ken Clarke general pro-EU stance. Again do this on a rating of 1 to 10.

3. Speaking/media skills. How good are each of the four in getting their points across in set piece speeches and when they are interviewed? How do they come over on TV? Does the way they present themselves resonate with the Tory membership audience who will ulitimately decide their fate. Again rate each of the four on a scale of 1-10.

4. Do they look a General Election winner? How much can you envisage Tory members seeing each of the four as election winners. Do they have that characteristic that makes the prefix “Prime Minister XX” seem a possiblitiy or even a probability? Again rate your on a scale 1 to 10..

  • I reserve the right to ignore any responses if there are signs of an attempt to manipulate the outcome. You should complete the email box on the form with an accurate address. Those PB.C contributors with multi-identities should only fill in one survey.
  • The survey closes at 6pm on Monday when we will collate the results for publication on Tuesday.
  • This is open to all site users including those who have never taken part in our discussions before.
  • If anybody can assist in collating the results onto a spreadsheet then please get in touch by email. This would be most appreciated.
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