Congratulations to Mark Senior

Congratulations to Mark Senior

    Winner of our Cheadle prediction competition

There were no prizes for the winner of our by-election competition except something which is pricelsss – the recognition of fellow users of the site. This is Mark Senior our winner and these were his answers.

1 – Winning party – Lib Dems 10 points
2 – Percentage turnout – 60 % against actual of 55% giving 3 points
3 – Lib Dem Share – 52 % against actual of 52.15% giving the maximum of 15 points
4 – Tory share – 40 % against actual of 42.42% giving 13 points
5 – Labour share 4 % against actual of 4.63% giving maximum of 6 points
6 – Charles Kennedy’s future. No. Although tomorrow’s deadline has not yet passed we are giving Mark 10 points.

Well done to Mark for getting maximum points on both the Lib Dem and Labour shares – a real achievement. Thanks to everybody else who took part. Given the picture that Mark has provided perhaps we ought to have a caption competition.

Mike Smithson

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