Best election wishes from Politicalbetting

Best election wishes from Politicalbetting

We cannot wish everybody who visits the site success with their betting or politics tomorrow because logic dictates that some people are going to be disappointed.

But thanks to everybody for all that has been done in the past months and weeks to create an extraordinary online community. We hope that it has made the election that much more enjoyable and maybe, for some, a profitable experience. The discussion forums have certainly extended our range of knowledge and understanding and it has been great that people from all allegiances have felt comfortable taking part.

We had feared that as we got closer to the day then things would get a little strained but we have only had to step in and moderate on only half a dozen occasions.

Politicalbetting will continue after the election and, no doubt, soon we will be looking at the next one.

For for what it’s worth my (Mike’s) desires tomorrow are to win my bets and for Labour to be returned but be in second place on votes. This will undermine the legitimacy of Tony Blair’s victory, make it harder for the Tories to oust Michael Howard which should be good for the Lib Dems, and call into question the whole first past the post electoral system. To me that all looks like a good outcome.

Best wishes from,

Mike and Robert Smithson

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