The money goes on Charles

The money goes on Charles


    Can the Lib Dems get more than 69 MPs?

After a week which has seen the defection of veteran Labour MP Brian Sedgemore , the publication of the Attorney-General’s advice on the legality of the war, and the appearance of the three main party leaders on BBC’s Question Time special political gamblers have started backing the Liberal Democrats in earnest. The spread-betting price has edged up and now stands with IG Index at 66-69 seats

SPREAD-BETTING EXPLAINED. For those unfamiliar with this form of betting you can either “buy” or “sell” at the price quoted. If you “buy” and Charles Kennedy’s party ends up with, say, 86 MPs the your winnings are calculated according to this simple formula. (Actual number of LD MPs elected) minus (the “buy” level at which you placed the bet) multiplied by (Your stake level). So if you bet had been £10 a seat your winnings would be £170. If the party get less than the level you “bought” at then your losses are calculated according to the same formula.

So with spread-betting the more you are right the more you win and the more you are wrong the more you lose. The potential to lose a lot of money is quite high and it is wise the to assess the full downside before placing a bet.

Getting the right price is very important and you should compare carefully what is on offer from the three main spread markets that we feature. You should note that Cantor Spreadfair is a betting exchange and the amount you can bet is limited to what other punters are prepared to bet with you. The spreads are usually smaller but a commission is levied on winnings.

Lib Dem spreads: IG Index 66-69 : Sporting Index 65-68: Spreadfair 65.4-65.9

Labour spreads: IG Index 359-364: Sporting Index 360-364: Spreadfair 362 – 362.5

Tory spreads: IG Index 189-194: Sporting Index 188-192: Spreadfair 191.5 – 192.5

SNP spreads: IG Index 5.1-5.4 Sporting Index 5.1-5.4 Spreadfair 5.1- 5.3

Plaid Cymru spreads: IG Index 4.4-4.7 Sporting Index 4.3 -4.6 Spreadfair 4.4 -4.5

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Mike Smithson

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