Are the internet flash movies more than just fun?

Are the internet flash movies more than just fun?

    Introducing Mr Tangerine Man and other videos

A novel aspect of the coming election campaign will be the flash video animations that are being produced and circulated by email and the internet. Quite what political impact they will have we do not know but this is a form of communication that could engage new groups of voters.

The best – and one which will be enjoyed across the political spectrum – is Eclectech’s Mr. Tangerine Man – an amusing movie adaptation of Bob Dylan’s “Mr Tambourine Man” and featuring the leader of the new Veritas Party dressed, at one point, in a King Kong outfit towering over the German parliament building to the lyric:-

“I know that you’d do anything, to wreck it from within
Like demolishing Berlin,
But I’d rather see your skin, it’s so vermillion”

The same producers have also created the “Veritas Anthem” which use the same electronic techniques to poke a little gentle fun at the new party.

Much more serious in political intent though no less enjoyable is Tim Ireland’s Vote Blair movie which reminds people in a hugely entertaining way of the part played by the Prime Minister in the Iraq War. The initial impression is that this is a pro-Tony Blair site which has gone slightly over the top. That’s the objective because as you probe further you discover that it’s all about anti-Labour tactical voting.

Tim Ireland also features London Underground: The Song that those of a sensistive disposition should be aware uses language that you would expect to see in an Alistair Campbell email.

If anybody comes across other politically-based flash videos then please let us know. We intend to update this page regularly and provide a link on our home page.

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