A Politicalbetting election party

A Politicalbetting election party

    Can we discuss the idea here

Our interesting thread on serious issues relating to opinion polling has got somewhat hi-jacked by a discussion on a possible Politicalbetting party.

The idea is to create a get-together where we could meet one another and put faces to names.

What do site users think of the idea?

When should it be – post or pre General Election?

Where should it be? One idea was at the House of Commons where we would need a sponsoring MP or the Lords with a sponsoring peer.

How would it be organised? If someone could volunteer that would be great.

How are we going to pay for it? I think we could attract some sponsirship from one of the bookies or even Politcos.

Please could people put their ideas here rather than on the polling thread.

If anyone wants to contact me directly my contact details are on the media inquiries link in the right column.

Mike Smithson

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