UK gamblers make London 3/1 for 2012 Olympics

UK gamblers make London 3/1 for 2012 Olympics

    But you can get TWICE the price on US focused markets

With London’s bid to host the 2012 Olympic games being presented to the International Olympic Committee in Switzerland gamblers on either side of the Atlantic are taking a completely different view of its chances. In London the price is down to 3/1 but in markets serving the US you can get more than 6/1.

It’s the same story the other way round with New York. In the UK you can get 14/1 but the US -focused markets have it down at 6/1.

    The only thing that punters on both sides of the Atlantic agree on is that Paris is the odds-on favourite and that Moscow is an outsider.

UK Prices
Paris 1/2
London 3/1
Madrid 4/1
New York 14/1
Moscow 33/1

But it’s a completely different picture on the Tradsports betting exchange.

US Focused Prices
Paris 2/5
New York 6/1
Madrid 6.13/1
London 6.25/1
Moscow 22/1

So if you want to bet on New York do it in London. If you want to bet on London try the US markets of Tradesports. We would not bet on either. Paris looks set to be the winner.

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