The Kerry Trend Continues UPDATED 11.15pm GMT

The Kerry Trend Continues UPDATED 11.15pm GMT

    It does now look like Kerry

The leaked exit polls have caused big changes on the betting markets which, if correct, mean that George Bush will follow his father in becoming a one-term president.

The latest betting numbers:-
Betfair: Bush 3.75 Kerry 1.35
Tradesports: Bush 29 Kerry 71
Iowa Exchange: Bush 21 Kerry 79

These are the figures from Wonkette – make of them what you will. If Kerry is winning in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania then the election is all but over.
CO Bush 50 Kerry 48
FL Kerry 51 Bush 49
IA Kerry 50 Bush 49
MI Kerry 51 Bush 47
MN Kerry 54 Bush 44
NV tied
NH Kerry 53 Bush 45
NJ Kerry 54 Bush 44
NM Kerry 50 Bush 48
OH Kerry 51 Bush 49
OR still too early to get accurate reading
PA Kerry 53 Bush 46
WI Kerry 51 Bush 48

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