Final White House Debate – Kerry the clear winner

Final White House Debate – Kerry the clear winner

Three polls taken after last night’s final TV debate have made John Kerry the winner.

  • Gallup gave it to the Democratic challenger by 52% to 39%,
  • A CBS poll of uncommitted voters gave it to Kerry by 39% to 25%
  • An ABC News poll made it Kerry by 42% to 41%. This poll consisted of 38% Republicans and 30% Democrats
  • The latest electoral vote calculation , based on state polls, has Bush ahead. The price on Kerry has tightended and that on Bush has eased.

    There’ve been no new national polls since the debate but the latest batch have it as a dead heat.

    Meanwhile there’s been more specualtion about the mystery bulge under the President’s jacket. It has been suggested that this is a radio device that enables an advisor to suggest things for him to say.


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