Theresa May tops Boris for the first time in CONHome survey as preferred next party leader

December 22nd, 2013

This could mean something or it could mean nothing but the December CONHome survey of party members sees a change at the top as preferred next party leader.

This is the first time that the state school educated Home Secretary has been in this position in the site’s monthly survey of members. This might take on increasing importance over the next 18 months – for we could be less than a year away from the next contest. In recent times Tory leaders have had a tradition of resigning in the immediate aftermath of a general election defeat.

I’ve never been convinced that the party would choose another ex-Etonian and former member of the Bullingdon club. An election defeat, if that indeed that is what happens, will lead to a lot of soul searching. The Nadine Dorries description of Dave and George being a “couple of posh boys who didn’t know the price of bread” could easily resonate.

Theresa May has had a good period as home secretary managing to push moves which appeal to the party’s base. Unlike a number of predecessors in the job her time there has enhanced her position.

I got on her two years ago at 16/1.

Mike Smithson

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