May 17th – the day we have been waiting so long for

May 17th – the day we have been waiting so long for

But will Boris be forced into another U-turn?

This is a massive day for those of us in England who have been waiting so long to be able to see loved ones, to go inside a pub, or to eat out INSIDE a restaurant. It is also a huge day for those like PB regular Cyclefree above in the hospitality industry whose families have struggled to keep their businesses alive while faced with the COVID constraints.

I have been hugely impressed by the creativity of many in the industry to find ways of keeping going and ensuring that staff have still been employed and their businesses have continued.

Last week for my birthday one of my daughters gave us an Indian dinner that just required heating up from a Michelin stared chef who happens to be in the Chesham and Amersham constituency. This came by special delivery with full instructions in a refrigerated box and there has been enough to last for three nights. It is superb.

For millions this week will see reunions like the one my wife and I will have with our daughters and UK-based grandchildren at a London restaurant – the prospect of which has kept our spirits up over the last few dreary months.

I am sure that all PBers have their own stories and check list of things they plan to do this week.

The big cloud on the horizon is the Indian variant which appears to be spreading rapidly in one or two hot spots. Could it be that Johnson has to close things down again? Politically that could be damaging because it raises once again the issue of whether he was too late in acting in March and December last year.

Have a nice day.

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