Let’s start to think about a post-pandemic PB gathering

Let’s start to think about a post-pandemic PB gathering

I have been reminded that it is now more than four years since we had a PB gathering. In recent years these had taken place in pubs in central London where Fat Steve had arranged for a specific area to be allocated to us.

He did a sterling job making the arrangements but stopped doing this when he went to work overseas.

Has anybody got any ideas for a future event and is there someone who is based in London who could help with the arrangements. I am sure Steve will offer advice and help from afar.

The last time we got together was in May 2017, TMay’s Tories had a majority and Corbyn was heading for a disaster at GE2017. 

Clearly, we would have to wait until the COVID restrictions are eased but some planning now seems a good idea.

This does not have to be in London. Looking forward I’m hoping to be in the lakes in late August and early September. Maybe we could plan something for then as well.

Mike Smithson

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