This Daily Express WH2020 “poll” is not what it seems

This Daily Express WH2020 “poll” is not what it seems

Like many PBers I am following WH2020 polling very closely at the moment given millions of Americans have already voted and the election itself is three weeks today. As a result the above story from the “newspaper” the Daily Express popped up my inbox.

It says that “a new UK survey has put the President way out in front in the race for the White House”. If so this is very much out of kilter with other UK polling that finds Brits mostly wanting Biden to win.

But then there is the detail. The “poll” is of “Daily Express readers” and showed an 80% (7,957 people) said they would vote for Trump if they could take part in next month’s election. Just 20% said Biden. I assume that this was one of those online surveys where anybody with the link can offer a view.

For the record proper pollsters like YouGov have found a very different view in Britain of the current occupant of the White House. Just 15% according to a YouGov survey said they had a positive view of Trump with 74% saying they had a negative view.

The Express headline “New poll shows overwhelming support for US President” is a total distortion.

Mike Smithson

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