For the first time since July 2019 a pollster has the Tories behind

For the first time since July 2019 a pollster has the Tories behind

It was going to come sometime that with the PM’s awful ratings collapse we would at some stage see his party fall behind in the voting intention polling. Well that has happened tonight from Opinium. These are the numbers for the main two parties with changes on a fortnight ago.

Labour 42% (+3%) Conservative 39% (-3%)

Starmer takes 4% lead over Johnson as Best PM with Johnson 32% -3 Starmer 36% +3.

Other figures are bad for the blue team and good for Starmer: This from Opinium

Just under half (46%) have a more positive opinion of the Labour Party since Keir Starmer became leader. This includes 45% of those in seats the Conservatives gained at the last election. When we asked those who say they have a more positive view of Labour party why that was, common responses included the change in leadership and Starmer being a better, competent and credible leader, and labour’s policies being more realistic. Now 55% can imagine Keir Starmer being prime minister, up slightly from 52% in July. Only 28% cannot imagine him being prime minister, down sightly from 30% in July.

This all comes at a time when Johnson is coming under increasing pressure in his party with talk a big rebellion on one key vote coming up.

Mike Smithson

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