The tabloids after the Williamson’s exam u-turn

The tabloids after the Williamson’s exam u-turn

It was only to be expected that the tabloids would have a field day following the EdSec’s U-turn on the A-level results and they have not disappointed.

The Star comes out with the most creative following a series of powerful front pages since lockdown came in. But it will be the Mail that should some worry Williamson because it is much more influential politically.

What is amazing is that dealing with the exam outcome has been an issue that was obvious from the moment lockdown came in six months ago and the schools were closed. Maybe it is because there was so much time available that the hugely complex formula was created in the first place.

What happened in Scotland should have been an early warning to Williamson but he chose to plough on with a scheme that caused so much mayhem.

The question now really is not if he will go but when.

Mike Smithson

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