Compulsory face mask wearing – the Brexit divide

Compulsory face mask wearing – the Brexit divide

Above is today’s polling from YouGov on the compulsory wearing of face masks when at work. As can be seen there’s a relatively tight split, within the margin of error, on whether those sampled back or oppose the idea.

What I find interesting is the Referendum vote split with Remainers saying it should be compulsory by an 8% margin and Leavers saying it shouldn’t by the same margin.

The compulsory wearing highlights presents ideologically difficulties for those who, like ex-UKIP MP Douglas Carswell, want less state interference without acknowledging that means more are likely to die.

This all reminds me of the moves a few decades ago on the wearing of car seat belts being made compulsory which nowadays few find controversial. The objective is the same – to save lives,

The problem with the current framework is that it becomes complicated. Whereas you will have to wear a mask to buy a ready meal pack in the supermarket you don’t have to wear one if you are buying a takeaway for your dinner.

Mike Smithson

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