New YouGov poll has the Tories back with a double digit lead

New YouGov poll has the Tories back with a double digit lead

The biggest lead in any poll since May

The changes of course are within the margin of error and YouGov has been tending to show the Tories doing better than some other pollsters. Last weekend Opinium, the pollster which got the last general election most right, had the gap at just 4%.

This may be just a positive effect of the pandemic apparently getting slightly better in the UK and of course the easing in the lockdown rules. Things start to appear a bit more positive.

A possible shadow on the horizon for Johnson, of course, goes to the start of the crisis and the delay the government made in bringing in strict controls compared with other similar nations. No doubt this will all come out in the inevitable inquiry. There’s also the apparent gamble of keeping the UK out of the EU vaccine programme. If this mean Brits getting an effective vaccine later than those in the EU that could cause serious problems.

There should be a new Opinium poll out tomorrow evening which, unlike this YouGov, has its regular approval ratings.

Mike Smithson

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