TMay is becoming big problem for the Johnson/Cummings regime

TMay is becoming big problem for the Johnson/Cummings regime

The former PM – now her successor’s leading Tory critic

The latest intervention by TMay in the Commons above isn’t the first and won’t be the last time that the former PM is going to make known her views of the current leadership. She’s particularly furious about the sacking of senior civil servant instigated by the lockdown deviant, Dom Cummings.

I thought today’s TMay’s move was smart because she focussed on the issue of national security raising doubts about the capabilities of the Cummings appointment and its possible impact on how secure the country is.

Because of who she is and the powerful way she puts her points she is going to get considerable media attention and it is clear that she will carry on with her approach will carry on. If ever Tory backbenchers start to get concerned about the way their party is being run then TMay could have a role to play articulating the case against the leadership for Tory dissenters.

Looking back over the past 45 years I cannot recall a former PM ever being as effective in their attacks on the current party leadership.

Mike Smithson

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