The front pages after Dom’s big day

The front pages after Dom’s big day

Can he survive and what’s this going to do to lockdown compliance?

One telling reaction has come from Mark Wallace of ConHome under the headline “I admire Dominic Cummings – but he needs to resign now“. He notes:

Voters’ fury is real, justified and widespread. The political damage is serious and lasting. The Prime Minister might expend yet more capital to defy the uproar, and Cummings might stay on. But to do so would be a mistake. If he pauses, and coldly analyses the situation in the way that made him famous, he will conclude that for the sake of his own cause he should resign.

The problem he’s got is that the revelations about his approach to the lockdown that he played a big part in creating has inevitably changed things. The hostility towards him on the comment threads of the Daily Mail should be most concerning.

It’s still a tight odds on bet that he will remain in post.

Mike Smithson

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