Starmer overtakes Johnson in latest YouGov leader ratings

Starmer overtakes Johnson in latest YouGov leader ratings

Even though he’s only been LAB leader for just five and a half weeks the latest YouGov “well/badly” ratings have Starmer edging ahead of Johnson. The Standard reports:

A YouGov survey carried out over the weekend found that 40 per cent of Brits believe the Labour leader is doing either “fairly well” or “very well” and 17 per cent think he is performing “fairly badly” or “very badly”. The Prime Minister is more divisive – 57 per cent think he is doing “fairly well” or “very well,” while 35 per cent think he is doing “fairly badly” or “very badly”, the survey found. This gives Sir Keir, who became Labour leader in April, a one-point lead over Mr Johnson.

The big factor, though, is that far fewer of those in the sample had a view on Starmer while Johnson is much more widely known and there are fewer don’t knows. It remains to be seen whether Starmer’s lead will continue once he becomes better known.

His leadership has come during a unique period in British politics with the pandemic totally dominating everything making it harder for Starmer to get much media attention. What he has received has generally been positive.

Tomorrow he faces his second PMQs against Johnson. Last week it was generally agreed that the LAB leader came out on top. Is that going to continue?

Mike Smithson

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