Biden still trails in the WH2020 betting in spite of opening double digit poll leads over Trump

Biden still trails in the WH2020 betting in spite of opening double digit poll leads over Trump

By far the biggest development so far in WH2020 has been Trump’s comment a few days ago that people could inject themselves with bleach to fight the the coronavirus. This has been widely ridiculed and there have been reports from many parts of the US of people actually ingesting bleach and other such liquids and having to be treated by the emergency services.

Of all the crazy things that this President has said so far during the campaign this is been ranked as the craziest and it is been suggested that it could have a decisive effect on the outcome in November. It is so blindingly obvious that his advice was bonkers that it has reinforced all sorts of doubts about him even at Fox News.

The extraordinary is that over the past two months of the pandemic Joe Biden has found it very hard commanding any media attention whatsoever. He has got nothing really to say about the pandemic and has largely ignored. In spite, or maybe because of this, the latest polls have him enjoying double-digit leads over Trump.

It is being suggested that the best strategy for 77 year old Joe between now and November is to lay low and let the election be all about Trump and all that entails. The worst thing that could happen is for Biden himself to become an issue and there are a number of reasons why that could be the case.

The former VP should formally get the nomination at the the party convention in Milwaukee in August. There’s still a lot of doubt about whether that will actually take place but clearly the party has got to decide on its choice that that could happen at a virtual convention.

Generally speaking presumptive nominees like Biden don’t announce their vice presidential choice until just before the convention and I don’t see any reason why there’ll be something different this time. The betting favourite for this is still Kamala Harris though Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren have fairly tight odds.

Mike Smithson

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