Boris is back but there’ll be no premature move to ease the lockdown

Boris is back but there’ll be no premature move to ease the lockdown

But still no lockdown betting markets

It has been inevitable given what a commanding figure Johnson is that him being out of the picture recovering from the coronavirus has exposed the relative weakness of his cabinet team. Raab never really convinced as the official nominated stand-in while HealthSec Hancock is lumbered by his commitment to 100k tests a day by the end of the month. A fit Boris, surely, would have stopped such an announcement being made. It appears a massive hostage to fortune.

Given his own personal experience of the virus then it is no surprise that the PM is going to be ultra cautious. He knows at first hand what it can do and that surely will shape his approach in the coming weeks and months. My guess is that the lifting of the regulations will take longer than many anticipated.

This is, of course, a site devoted to political betting and I would have expected some betting markets on the timing of any easing of the lockdown. There’s so much speculation and statistical analysis about that a number of markets spring to mind. Certainly the return of Boris today makes it less likely there’ll be an early relaxation.

So much depends on the daily figures and whether the light at the end of he tunnel could soon be in sight.

Mike Smithson

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