At what stage is lockdown going to crumble?

At what stage is lockdown going to crumble?

I don’t know about other Pbers but on my permitted daily exercise bike ride there has been a noticeable increase in road traffic with people going to parks ans other open spaces simply to get out of the house.

My sense is that there is just a level of easing taking place and that’s going to be exacerbated by continued good weather and the Easter Weekend.

This is one of those things that is very difficult to police but that needs to happen if is to be taken seriously by all sections of the community.

I’m lucky. I don’t live in an apartment but have a house with a reasonable sized garden and, of course my kids are all grown up now. But imagine keeping teenagers inside all day if you live in a small tower block apartment.

Handling the next stages of the lock down are going to be tricky and it’s interesting that the message we are getting from Westminster is that things are going to be tightened.

The worst thing that could happen is for large sections of the public to decide that they aren’t going to follow this strictly anymore.

Mike Smithson

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