Even LAB voters are giving Johnson positive leader ratings

Even LAB voters are giving Johnson positive leader ratings

There haven’t been many opinion polls of late but this afternoon we’ve got the detail of the latest Deltapoll which includes its regular well/badly leader ratings. The detail is shown in the panel above together with what those sampled did at GE2019 and the referendum.

For me the most interesting numbers are the views of Johnson particularly the sub-set of LAB voters just three and a bit months ago.

Generally there is a very clear party split in views of a PM and what’s most striking to me is LAB GE2019 voters give him a net positive number. Interestingly LAB voters give both Johnson and Corbyn the same positive rating of 50%. I cannot recall a precedent in recent times.

Interestingly on another question the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak does best on who people would like to take over if Johnson had to stand aside to self-isolate. The designated stand in, Dominic Raab, comes bottom as this chart shows.

There is high level on don’t knows on this question.

Mike Smithson

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