Biden way ahead in tonight’s four big primaries

Biden way ahead in tonight’s four big primaries

Arizona, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio look set to give him big victories

When the timetable of primaries for this year’s presidential election came out a lot of people were looking at tonight as being when the race would finally be resolved. That is no longer the case because Joe Biden effectively wrapped up the nomination at the start of the month on Super Tuesday.

The big question now is how long is Bernie Sanders gong to stay in the race and will he carry on, like he did against Hillary Clinton four years ago, fighting and in many ways undermining the Democrats in the presidential election itself.

There are many who blame Sanders and his backers for Trump’s victory giving it was by such a small margin in three key states. Surely he is not going to risk doing this again? For inevitably the continuing Sanders campaign undermines the presumptive nominee .

So far Sanders has resisted the growing calls for him to step aside and get behind part of a single effort aimed stopping Donald Trump.

There’s very little betting interest tonight because the last time I looked the odds reflect the polling these are certainties for Biden

Mike Smithson

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