The front pages on this historic day

The front pages on this historic day

As can be seen the Daily Mirror is the only one which does not have reference to Brexit on its front page. Of course it might be that this is the best call from a news point of view given the potential threat that the flu represents.

None of the Brexit related front pages is really very surprising and I doubt if many of them will be referred to much again as we enter into the new relationship with the EU and and have to deal with a real issues that this creates.

The Daily Star, not a paper that gets referred much on PB, tries, unsuccessfully, to make a joke of it by making the historic bit the end dry January.

The Daily Express seems to be trying to take the credit for itself which is perhaps a bit of a overstatement but there’s no doubt that the national newspapers as a whole have had a big impact on the decision.

For those who bet that brexit would not take place until 2020 will have a payday.

Mike Smithson

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