With Iowa barely a month away Bernie steps up the attacks on Biden

With Iowa barely a month away Bernie steps up the attacks on Biden

We are only weeks away from the Iowa caucuses – the first state primary in the prolonged process in which the Democrats will decide who shall be the nominee to fight Trump next November.

The latest move from second betting favourite Bernie Sanders (78yo) is to step up the attacks on the front runner Jo Biden (77yo). In an interview with the Washington Post, Bernie sought to undermine what is the ex-VP’s perceived electability.

Sanders said that Biden brings ‘a lot of baggage’ with his record and ties to the political establishment. And he argued that Biden is ill-suited to defeat President Trump. A possible long and bruising race against Biden has become central to Sanders’s planning, in part because his advisers see a fight for many of the same working-class voters.” He accused Biden of running a campaign that was  lacking in “excitement and energy”

This goes to the heart of Biden’s approach so far. The key reason for him being the nominees is that according to the polls, he’s best able to defeat Trump. Also , of course, he never fails to mention his record as Obama’s Vice-President and rarely gives a speech or interview goes by without reminding voters that he was the one chosen by Obama for the VP slot.

In the specific Iowa polling he is does far less well than in the national primary polls.

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