Tonight has done nothing to move the GE2019 betting

Tonight has done nothing to move the GE2019 betting

This was all about reassuring your own party’s supporters

I would guess that the vast majority of those who watched the QuestionTime Special had made up their minds about the election before the evening started. But it was an important programme and will almost certainly be the toughest questioning that any of the four will face before December 12th.

My view is that this format is better than a debate and for those complaining about a biased audience then who cares, Corbyn had his own rough time. Seeing how leaders perform under pressure is very illuminating.

Almost the universal views of LDs that I have seen are that they thought Swinson performed well in the most difficult of environments.

This is an outing that is tough for an incumbent PM and Johnson just about rose to the challenge. Whether he has said things that could be problematic later remains to seen.

Mike Smithson

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