The Tories slump to new lows in both Westminster and Euro polls

The Tories slump to new lows in both Westminster and Euro polls

The blues down to 22% with Opininum WM poll

And for the Euros TMay’s party down to 11% below the LDs

There’s really little you can say about the latest two surveys from Opinium which have awful numbers for the Tories for both Westminster and the Euro elections in 12 days time.

Clearly this is an abnormal period with the blue team finding itself fighting elections that it never believed we’re going to happen and Farage’s Brexit party is taking every opportunity to rub TMay’s nose in it.

You have got to admire Farage’s far-sightedness. He established the new party when it was far from clear that there would be Euro elections and his gamble is paying of handsomely.

Also significant in terms of attracting tactical votes in the Euros is the Lib Dems moving to third place ahead of the Tories. Their whole strategy is about being seen to be the strongest voice for Britain staying in the EU and the hope is that the remain voters in other parties might decide to switch to them for this unique election. These number underline the case for that.

This is making CHUK, closest rivals, looking absolutely screwed with just 3% from Opinium for the the euros. In the complex way that seats are allocated in the European Parliament that sort of vote share is not going to produce them a single MEP. The problem as well is that this inevitably coincides with the Lib Dems getting some traction undermining a key reason why CHUK are there on the Ballot at all.

There might be more polling tonight and if there is this post will be updated.

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Mike Smithson

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