The pressure mounts on TMay with a divided cabinet and 11 days to go

The pressure mounts on TMay with a divided cabinet and 11 days to go

Chris Grayling ready to put his job on the line

So another day when all the focus is on Westminster and Mrs. May’s cabinet as they pitch in with their own positions to try to influence this massive decision for the future of the UK.

TMay is already in a weakened position with much less control of the Westminster agenda following the procedural defeat which put so much extra power in the hands of MPs

This is how Sam Coates in the Times is reporting it:

“Theresa May was warned last night that she faced resignations and a split in the Conservative Party if she agrees to pursue a “soft” Brexit this week.

Ministers including Chris Grayling and Penny Mordaunt have made it clear they would consider resigning if the prime minister bows to the will of the Commons, should it vote for a customs union with the EU tonight…

..Several ministers are preparing to confront her at cabinet tomorrow to warn her against pursuing a softer Brexit and a number of Downing Street staff, including Stephen Parkinson, a special adviser to Mrs May, would oppose a customs union.”

Surely parliament should be sovereign here on an issue so important which cuts the major parties. Grayling and Mordaunt are in danger of overplaying their hands if they think that TMay can do other than bow to the will of the Commons.

Mike Smithson

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