As the Brexit “deal” reaches another critical week the public are still totally split

As the Brexit “deal” reaches another critical week the public are still totally split

What is Corbyn’s LAB going to do?

With things apparently coming to the head with the EU withdrawal negotiations the above shows the latest YouGov tracker on how voters think broken down into what they did at the referendum and their current voting intention.

This is the first time for months that this has been published on PB partly because the numbers almost never change or only very by very small amounts.

As can be seen the main figure continues to show a small lead for those saying that brexit was wrong but the margin is not that great.

Looking at the detailed split there is a little bit of a gap between those who voted remain and those who chose Leave on June 23rd 2016. More of the former are certain of their decision two years ago than the latter but there has been no really big swing.

We’ve tended to focus on the Tories but as Robert Shrimsley in the FT argues today “Corbyn is facing his own Brexit moment of reckoning”. He notes:

Labour now holds the key to what happens. Pro-Europeans will not forget if Mr Corbyn fails them.Without clear and rapid Labour backing for one such path, Mrs May will continue to frame the choice: her deal or the void. So the question for Mr Corbyn is one that separates an opposition from a government-in-waiting. Does he want a better outcome for Britain or does he just seek to benefit from the chaos?”

YouGov continues to find that by a big margin LAB voters overwhelmingly think Brexit is wrong which is not how Corbyn is said to think. Continuing to sidestep the issue could prove to be highly dangerous.

Mike Smithson

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