Hammond’s budget: the tabloids react

Hammond’s budget: the tabloids react

The budget – at least its been a break from Brexit

My guess is that the Tories will not be too unhappy about the coverage of the budget. Mostly the papers are positive or neutral and he has managed to avoid horrors of the past like George Osborne’s pasty tax.

So initially job well done and some prominence for the Chancellor who is nothing like a high profile as his predecessor George Osborne, who was sacked by Theresa May just after she became leader.

I just wonder whether Hammond might be back in the frame to succeed Theresa May assuming there won’t be any contest before the Brexit deal has been agreed and has been implemented.

He does not get the attention of other possible contenders but as John Major’s 1990 experience shows that can be no bad thing. A big negative until now has been that he has firmly been in the remain camp. After Brexit that might not matter as much and if things go wrong then could be a real positive.

Mike Smithson

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