TMay sees a huge drop in her YouGov leader ratings in three months

TMay sees a huge drop in her YouGov leader ratings in three months

The Brexit splits are costing her and her party dear

The chart above sets it out clearly the dramatic collapse that Mrs May has seen in her YouGov Well/Badly leader ratings since the start of April.

I’ve been following these ratings for years and cannot recall a fall by such a large amount over such a short period for any leader.

Of course she faces a huge challenge and it would be very difficult for any leader to negotiate his or her way through the Brexit minefield. Trying to respect the referendum result while ensuring that what happens doesn’t seriously undermine the economy including several key industries would have taken its toll on anyone.

    At least she is helped now that her main protagonists within the party chickened out of trying to oust her.

They are happy under the cloak of anonymity to brief journalists about letters calling for a confidence vote going to the chairman of the 1922 committee but then nothing happens.

This has been going on for such a long time and we can only conclude that those who want her out our “frit” using Mrs Thatcher’s memorable term.

She only has to survive the next couple of days and we will reach the parliamentary recess which, surely, puts off a challenge until the autumn.

Mike Smithson

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