David Davis quits possibly making a challenge to TMay more likely

David Davis quits possibly making a challenge to TMay more likely

He was the 4/1 favourite for next exit

The big UK political news overnight is that the BrexSec and former favourite to succeed TMay, David Davis, has resigned as a minister following his disagreement with the PM’s approach to Brexit. Another of his ministers, Steve Baker, has gone with him.

This plunges the party into its biggest crisis since Mrs. May failed to hang onto to the Tory majority in June last year.

The move happened just before midnight and is not really a surprise. The Times reports:-

“..Friends said that Mr Davis had been building towards the resignation for weeks, fed up at being ignored by the prime minister and sidelined in favour of Olly Robbins, her all-powerful Europe adviser. Mr Davis was said to have held only four hours of direct talks with Michel Barnier, the European Union’s chief negotiator, this year

A cabinet minister told The Times that Mr Davis had made a “grumpy” contribution during the cabinet meeting at Chequers on Friday, urging No 10 not to give away so many concessions. He was publicly challenged by other cabinet ministers and showed little sign of expecting to get his way. One source said that “he sounded fed up” on Saturday morning

Davis had been 4/1 favourite with Ladbrokes to be the next cabinet exit and those who backed him should receive their winnings during the day.

The question then is what next for Mrs. May’s government? She’s meeting the backbench 1922 Committee this evening?

I wonder whether we could see a confidence vote backed by TMay’s supporters? Such a move would clear the air provided she secured the backing of the parliamentary party in a secret ballot. She would then be immune to a further challenge for a year.

Mike Smithson

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