Labour reveals some of its English targets for the next election

Labour reveals some of its English targets for the next election

All but one of them is outside London

Even though we could be four and a half years away from the next general election LAB is clearly getting ready and today it has announced that candidates have been put in place in 24 key targets in England.

The seats involved are listed in the table above which include the names of the incumbent Conservative MPs as well as the swings required.

This comes from a confident party that did far better than most, but not all, of the polls projected ahead of June 8th.

The geographical location is interesting with none being within Greater London. Most are English towns although a couple, Graham Brady’s Altrincham (61.5% Remain) and Anna Soubry’s Broxtowe (52.5% Remain) are part of bigger conurbations.

Labour felt it was caught on the hop when it believed TMay’s assertions that there would be no early election only to break that repeated assertion last April. The result was often a scramble to put candidates in place creating things like the O’Mara selection in Sheffield Hallam.

Candidates are still to be selected in about 50 further targets. Whatever those chosen could spend 4+ years a PPCs which can be a real grind.

I assume that someone has combed through the back social media posts of all of the above.

Mike Smithson

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