And so to re-shuffle day unless the media’s being very badly misled

And so to re-shuffle day unless the media’s being very badly misled

At least it’ll divert attention from the Toby Young Tweets

I can’t remember a reshuffle that has been trailed as long this one. On Saturday David Herdson very rightly set out the reasons why Theresa May should not be holding a reshuffle so soon after the general election.

There have been others, like former Cameron PR boss, Craig Oliver, saying that the worst thing that a PM can do is let everybody know that a reshuffle is happening. Far far better to let it come as a complete surprise in order to impede the cabinet scheming or other machinations created by the process itself.

But we are where we are and the main surprises will be if some of the weekend predictions don’t happen. I’ve had a little flutter on Andrea Leadsom being one of the cabinet members who will be shown the door who had the best odds of those being tipped.

    It is on one of these days that you might just feel sorry for those who might be involved and who no doubt will spend the next 24 or 36 hours holding their mobile phones waiting for that call that may or may not be coming from Downing Street.

    Their whole political futures could look different in 24 hours time.

For the sake of all those involved I do hope that Theresa May will have learnt some of the lessons from the formation of her first cabinet after becoming leader in July 2016. How she dealt with George Osborne on that day was a mistake which could have been avoided.

This all takes some of the focus on whether or not Toby Young he is going to be allowed to carry on with his new university watchdog role. I don’t think however, that this issue is going to go away.

Mike Smithson

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