Just one in 20 CON voters on June 8th did so because of Theresa May

Just one in 20 CON voters on June 8th did so because of Theresa May

So much for the campaign basing it all on her

A unique feature of the Conservative campaign for the June election was that the branding was completely about Theresa May and you would have been hard pressed on things like the Tory battle bus to see the word Conservative.

Clearly this was based on the belief believe that the Prime Minister herself was the strongest feature of the Conservatives offer in the election that she had called to endorse her approach to Brexit. Early poling seemed to back this up.

Yet in the end it didn’t work out that way. As we got closer and closer to election day the more that voters saw of the Conservative leader the less she was a positive and her ratings slumped into negative territory in some polls.

Yesterday I posted about YouGov polling that took place in the days after the election which rather got over-shadowed in the political turmoil of the time. This asked why those who had vote LAB and CON had made their choice. Yesterday was about Labour this latest post in about the Tories.

Certainly Brexit, being anti Corbyn/LAB were strong motivators but just look where TMay stands – just 5% of CON voters said she was the main reason for their vote.

    Interestingly more CON voters said they voted against Corbyn than Labour voters said he was the main reason for their vote

My main concern about this polling is that it was being wise after the event and whether the election outcome itself influenced the responses.

Mike Smithson

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