LAB takes 4% lead in new YouGov Times poll

LAB takes 4% lead in new YouGov Times poll

This could put even more pressure on TMay’s Manchester conference

The polling that’s taken place since TMay’s much vaunted Florence speech on Brexit has not been good to the Tories although the numbers are all within the margin or error.

Yesterday the Guardian ICM poll had LAB moving to a 2% lead after being level pegging. Tonight YuGov has LAB 4% ahead up 3 with the Tories back in the 30s.

    Whilst in normal times this might not be significant we are just a few days off the CON party conference in Manchester where the early vibes are suggesting that we might just see the start of a challenge to the incumbent.

Those in the blue team wanting TMay out won’t be too fussy about issues like polling margin of error. The signs, you can hear them saying, are that the leader who lost the the party its majority is not hacking it with the public.

Of course what we might just be seeing is the conference effect. Parties often see boosts in their polling positions when they are getting the extra media attention from their conference.

Mike Smithson

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