Marf’s afternoon cartoon on the Brexit talks

Marf’s afternoon cartoon on the Brexit talks

The period of political confusion continues

With the first round of the Brexit talks apparently marked by the David Davis agreeing to the EU’s negotiating timetable and this afternoon the DUP raising doubts about whether they will support the Tories we are entering uncharted territory.

Having worked at Westminster with BBC news during the 1974-1979 parliament where LAB soon lost its majority every commons vote is going to become an issue. Ministers are going to be brought back from overseas trip for critical votes, rebel CON MPs will find that they hold an enormous amount of power and we might get the sight of critically ill MPs being brought by ambulance for key votes.

I’d mark down Anna Soubry and Ken Clarke as ones who won’t necessarily follow the party line on Brexit related issues.

Labour and the other opposition parties will be looking all the time for opportunities to ambush the government just to add to the tension.

Whether its Theresa/Boris/David/Philip as PM life will be the same. Very tiring and stressful for ministers and backbenchers who are not going to enjoy this parliament.

With LAB now having poll leads the Tories are going to avoid another general election at all costs.

Mike Smithson

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