The Tories aim to win a landslide by trying to persuade us that Corbyn might win

The Tories aim to win a landslide by trying to persuade us that Corbyn might win

But if PM Corbyn was such a danger why call the election in the first place?

One of the most weird features of this election campaign is that the Conservatives are doing everything they can to try to persuade us that Jeremy Corbyn really is in with a chance of becoming next prime minister.

Above is some Conservative publicity material that was featured on BuzzFeed and seeks to make every argument that there is a real risk.

It is almost as if the Lynton Crosby campaign is trying to replicate CON’s hugely successful 2015 election message when they sought to highlight the possibility of an Ed Miliband government in the pockets of the SNP. The big difference between now and then was that the vast majority of polls were very tight with quite a number showing LAB leads.

The danger that was being portrayed was feasible. It resonated because it fitted with the message that was coming from the media day by day on the almost certainty of a hung parliament.

This time building on scares of Corbyn as PM message is going to be harder to make because the whole narrative is that the Tories are heading for a landslide.

The collapse of UKIP and the fact that most former purple voters have gone blue means they are in a position to eat into traditional Labour heartlands. On top of that they’ve been making huge progress north of the border where they look set to increase their Scottish MP base from one to ten or more.

It is, surely, blindingly obvious from the polls and people’s perceptions of Corbyn that the LAB leader is not going to make it. The big question over the red team is what happens on June 9th and beyond.

Mike Smithson

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