Corbyn has overwhelming victory over TMay at PMQs

Corbyn has overwhelming victory over TMay at PMQs

Her’s was one of the worst PM performances in years

Only just got round to watching this week’s PMQs which saw Corbyn absolutely hammer the PM who seemed ill-prepared particularly on her flagship grammar school policy.

It was inevitable that Corbyn would quote back at her words from David Cameron on the issue and all she could respond with were platitudes. Quite simply she and her team haven’t thought through the highly complex issues that her policy announcement last week would lead to. With so many in her own party not backing her she’s found herself in a hole so shortly after becoming PM.

Her statement at the end about this possibly will be Corbyn’s last PMQs will be thrown back at her. What an ill-thought out observation given the polling we have had about the Labour race.

Her problem is that short term platitudes like “Brexit is Brexit” work for a time but there comes a moment when she’s pressed on detail and doesn’t have it.

No wonder those sitting behind her on the government benches looked so uneasy at the end.

She’s also given a huge boost to Corbyn who handled himself extremely well.

Mike Smithson

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