Now Corbyn could be coming under pressure

Now Corbyn could be coming under pressure


Could we have 2 main party leadership contests at once?

It has been on the cards for some time that the unexpected winner of Labour’s leadership contest, Mr. Corbyn, last September could face difficulties in the period following the referendum. This is even more so given the outcome.

It was always going to be tricky for someone who has opposed the EU in the past to head a pro-EU party in the referendum. Many say his heart was not in it and his comments on immigration hardly helped in the closing period. He might have the backing of many members but he’s struggled wit the wider LAB voting audience as we’ve seen in poll after poll.

Only on Wednesday Corbyn’s Ipsos MORI ratings amongst party voters dropped to a new low with just half saying they are satisfied with him.

The EURef campaign has put the focus in his campaigning abilities which to many appeared to be lacking. What happens in the PLP in the next few days could be crucial.

I’ve long regarded Corcyn as being like EdM but without the charisma and a whole lot of policy baggage.

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