The Bullingdon boys go into battle and it ain’t going to be pretty

The Bullingdon boys go into battle and it ain’t going to be pretty

Dave v Boris will dominate the next four months

We’ve always known that Dave is at his best when his back is to the wall and that’s how it must have seen this morning with the massive media coverage of the decision by Boris to back LEAVE.

His performance this afternoon in the Commons announcing the details of last week’s deal and answering questions was one of his best ever. It reminded me of that weekend in October 2007 when Gordon Brown looked set to call an early election and the polls had the Tories in a dire position. Cameron was superb in those few days.

Today the PM he didn’t mention the Mayor by name but launched a highly focused and effective attack on Johnson’s two referendum idea which ended with this stinging comment:-

“I do not know any [couple] who have begun divorce proceedings in order to renew their marriage vows..”

Clearly a lot of effort is going on to kill this notion which on the face of it sound convoluted.

Quite what this will all do the EURef polls I don’t know but ICM have released their weekly tracker early. It covers the period after the deal but not much fieldwork took place after Boris’s announcement. REMAIN has 2% lead.

Mike Smithson

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