Why GE2020 should NOT be between Osborne and Corbyn

Why GE2020 should NOT be between Osborne and Corbyn

Both would be liabilities for their parties

Today’s PMQs was without Cameron so it was George Osborne facing Labour’s official deputy Anna Eagle whose performance immediately set off betting speculation about her being Corbyn’s successor.

Certainly by comparison with those from Labour who’ve been on that side of the House for several years Eagle was excellent. She was funny, warm and intellectually confident in a completely different league from her boss Mr. Corbyn and Ed Miliband who went before. You could really envisage her in the role being an effective opposition leader.

Eagle also brought out the very worst in Osborne who continues to come over as arrogant and sneering. It’s no wonder that he polls so poorly. As has been noted before Cameron is a net asset to his party reaching voters that the blue team on their own cannot reach. Osborne, by contrast is a net liability and does the opposite.

Corbyn has had a temporary boost from the Oldham result but that should not disguise his obvious weaknesses both presentationally and where he sits on the political spectrum.

The blue team and the red team would be wise to ensure that Osborne and Corbyn are not their party flag-carriers at the next election.

Mike Smithson

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