The battles between Corbyn and his MPs are not going to go away

The battles between Corbyn and his MPs are not going to go away


…the question of deselection, be it of Jeremy Corbyn or of recalcitrant MPs, will persist. True unity will not be achieved until the PLP reflects the leader, or the leader reflects the PLP. “It’s pretty nasty. This is not the fraternal Labour Party I know,” Ian Lavery, a Corbyn supporter, told me. The continuation of “internal warfare”, he warned, would lead to “unmitigated disaster”.- George Eaton New Statesman

So far it’s not been a good week for Mr Corbyn. Clearly he’s not having a good Paris aftermath.

Monday evening saw the regular Parliamentary Labour Party meeting in the Commons and by all accounts this was a pretty boisterous affair with the leader being shouted over.

We’ve had his shadow foreign secretary in apparent open revolt against his boss and yesterday Cameron ended his PMQs exchange with Corbyn with a zinger.

Problem is that Corbyn has views on many things that are miles out of step not just with his own MPs never but the country as a whole. It is hard to see the next general election being anything other than a disaster for Labour.

George Eaton has an excellent article in the New Statesman which I’ve linked above.

So far I’ve not been tempted by any of the betting markets on Corbyn’s future.

Mike Smithson

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