If the Times has got this right then the referendum is less than eight months away

If the Times has got this right then the referendum is less than eight months away

Cameron to say that leaving EU would risk Britain’s national security

The week looks set to be dominated by the EU referendum with a big speech by Cameron tomorrow and reports in the Times that David and George would like the vote to take place as soon as possible with June being seen as the earliest possible date.

You can see their thinking. This will totally overshadow our politics until it happens and longer the wait the more likely that unforeseen events could intervene.

In a speech tomorrow several papers are reporting the message that Cameron will try to get over in what’s being seen as the start of the campaign. According to the Telegraph’s Christopher Hope:

Leaving the European would risk Britain’s economic and national security, David Cameron will say in a major speech tomorrow.

The Prime Minister will say that leaving the EU is “not just a matter of jobs and trade but of the safety and security of our nation”.

I’ve long taken the view, which is backed up by the polling, that Cameron’s recommendation will be absolutely vital and that the side he supports will win.

The reason we are able to have a referendum now is because the Tories won a a majority which I’d argue came about because of the personal appeal of Cameron himself who was able to attract votes beyond his party’s base.

It is that personal premium that he has that those taking the opposite referendum position will have to combat. Even Boris, who is making leave noises this morning, doesn’t have that voter appeal.

Mike Smithson

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